First post in the blogging community: How to setup a blog

I’m starting a blog, yet I’m not quite sure what I will want to focus on as the main theme. My first post will be about giving everybody else who I might know the chance to start blogging as well by giving them useful resources to set up a blog of their own.

First things first, I am using WordPress: a great program for writing blog entries and putting them live on the internet.

To enable WordPress, there are various guides out around the internet but what you should use will depend on the OS you are running. Since WordPress requires PHP and MYSQL to be set up on your machine, you can either download and install the various needed files yourself, or use WAMP / MAMP / LAMP to have them set things up automatically for you.

After having WordPress set up, you can essentially begin writing and posting entries! Before you do, you should know how exactly people will be reading your posts and your blog in general. To make your blog live, you will need a domain name (or free web hosting if you’d prefer). Check for a domain name, register it, and then learn about uploading your WordPress files to your site.

I will post many more tips on configuring WordPress and setting up a blog towards the end of this first post.

There is a great post over at up and creating a blog. Check it out here.

The files you will need to download to have WordPress may be found on WordPress’s site, which can be found here.

Then to get the various PHP and MYSQL packages you will need to check out one of these three sites depending on your platform.

If you are trying to install WordPress on a MAC, you can simply look at this great page: here.

I will be posting soon about my general interests and what I think this blog might be about. See you soon (and don’t forget to add my blog so you can check back easily)!


One Response to First post in the blogging community: How to setup a blog

  1. firetiger says:

    I admire people who can pick a single theme for a blog….I have a habit of wandering off track no matter what I’m talking about (as witnessed in the post you replied to). My only suggestion is that if you choose a theme, be sure it’s something you really enjoy talking about, or you’re going to find your will to blog disappearing.

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